Hello! I'm

Břetislav Mazoch,
UX/UI Designer.

I help product teams to turn ideas into
Functional, Delightful & Coherent digital solutions.

Břetislav Mazoch, UX/UI Designer (header photo)


Explore my 3 selected works...

Epro – UI Style Guide & Features (preview)
Epro –

UI Style Guide Features

Design system and features for clinical web application

As a UI Designer, I managed UI style guide of the main product. We extended the style guide which led to a more consistent UI, better usability, and an increased amount of designed features. For example, one of the new features sped up the management of patient documents that are frequently processed by staff of any clinic or hospital.

Case study →
Summary  •  Process  •  Designs
Auntie Knitter – Knitted Ties E-shop (preview)

Knitted Ties E‑shop

Visual identity and website for business with knitted ties

As a Graphic & Web Designer of the project, I designed all brand visuals and designed and deployed the website (e-shop solution). Thanks to that, the business is able to manage online sells and be promoted.

Case study →
Summary  •  Process  •  Designs
Masaryk Uni – Medical 3D Viewer (preview)

Medical 3D Viewer

Interactive web application for medical 3D visualisations

As a UI Designer, Developer and 3D Artist of the project I produced medical 3D visualisations and created a unique 3D viewer for displaying the visualisations in web browsers. The viewer supports people from the university (medics, tutors and students) in teaching and studying.

Case study →
Summary  •  Process  •  Designs

Me asDesigner.

I transform ideas into working digital solutions. Systematically, with a good care, based on years of experience.

Contact me at → bretislav.mazoch@gmail.com

Bretislav Mazoch, UX/UI Designer (photo)
My skills...

Whatever I help you with,
it's always teamwork

Conceptual design icon

Conceptual Design

  • I learn about the business and users through research.
  • I organise design workshops to gather ideas on solutions.
  • I prepare wireframes to design the content and its structure.
  • I analyse UX metrics and users feedback to improve.
Visual design icon

Visual Design

  • I prepare mood boards to decide on the style directions.
  • I create UX style guide to set up a design system.
  • I produce detailed hi-fidelity designs and visuals.
  • I prepare user flow diagrams and interactive prototypes.
  • I do usability reviews and user interviews with testing.
Development stage icon

Developers Support

  • I supervise implementation in regards to design & usability.
  • I test implemented designs on various configurations.
  • I can prototype designs in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript.
My way of designing...

How we will work together

I pay attention to understand project/business vision and to know well its customers & users. Then, I put effort to satisfy both sides and support also developers. That's my magic.

Together we will strive to achieve project goals and at the same time satisfy users’ needs. We will define the vision and learn about our users. Based on that we will produce Functional, Delightful Coherent solutions.

I will make sure all sources are well-organized and easily accessible by anyone from the team. I will create and manage UX guidelines to make our solutions unified and highly usable. We will also record and improve design processes to speed up our work. On top of that, we will set user experience metrics, which will help us to continuously create better solutions.

We will build quick interactive prototypes for user reviews and iterate our designs a few rounds. With developers, we will then co-operatively implement them. Finally, we will keep improving – based on the feedback from the users, based on the metrics, based on usability testing.

Is this the way of designing you like and support?

If yes, then great! We will get along well.

My Design Process
Learn more about...
My Career...

The experience

1  UX/UI Designer
at Siemens Polarion (Prague, Czech Rep.)

Apr 2018 – Present,
in design team of complex ALM system

2  UI Designer
at Bluewire Technologies (Bristol, UK)

Nov 2015 – Nov 2017 (2 yrs 1 mo),
in product team of clinical web application,
read about my full story – life & work in England

3  Visual Designer
at Masaryk University (Brno, Czech Rep.)

Sep 2009 – May 2015 (5 yrs 9 mo),
in tech team of university e‑learning service

4  Web Designer & Developer
as a digital freelancer (Czech Rep.)

Jul 2007 – Aug 2009 (2 yrs 2 mo)

See my CV (.pdf)

or visit my → LinkedIn profile

Me working with a developerMe sketching the user interface

Me asPerson.

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Looking for someone like me? I'm especially interested to help projects focused on healthcare, smart technologies, or project management.

Write me at → bretislav.mazoch@gmail.com

From my
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I write also a blog about UI/UX design.
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And lastly, I love to take photos of Prague's nature.
Because of that, I created this photoblog. Its purpose is to give local people inspiration for beautiful walks and short hikes in the Prague area.

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5 Essential Elements of a UI Designer (preview image)